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It’s The season for everything Laser! Let’s get rid of the summer sun damage and get your skin glowing and gorgeous!  Now is the best time to begin laser treatments while you are not spending time in the sun. Laser treatments reverse signs of sun damage, stimulates collagen production and improves skin texture as well as we have the latest technology in tattoo removal and  we have virtually painless laser hair removal!

To celebrate Laser season we are offering 25% off all laser treatment packages, plus we will include a FREE dermaplaning. This treatment removes fine hair and dead skin cells revealing the glowing skin underneath.
You will see tighter, smoother skin, smaller pores, less pigmentation and acne scarring after your laser series.
We also customize your treatment for light, medium or deep treatments after our evaluation and discussion of your skin and treatment options.

Offer is valid through the end of January.

Call today or go online and book at your convenience


Lorri Manley

3630 FM 2181

Ste 119

Hickory Creek, TX 75065



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