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                 READY FOR COOLER WEATHER? 

We all are ready for a break from this summer heat. It's the perfect time to get your skin in shape for upcoming holidays. They are just a few short months away. Remember! It took a while to see the damage from our Texas summers and vacations on the beach. 

Let's get started reversing that damage!

I hope to see everyone in the office this quarter of the year! 



It’s that time of year again! Do age/sun spots from the long hot summer have you down?
We have options for reversing the damage! 

October Specials! 
PicoLo Laser Special:
PicoLo treats loose skin, scarring, pigmented lesions, age/sun damage and many more skin conditions that come along with aging or sun exposure.
Treatments are virtually painless and with little downtime!
Purchase one area and another area will be  included 
$1999.00 for 6 treatments  (included areas- face, neck, chest, hands, lower arms, upper arms, anywhere there is loose skin and sun damage) 

VI Peel Special:
VI Peel is one of the best peels on the market today! Amazing treatment for pigment.
1 peel $150.00 or purchase a pkg of 3 for $399.00
Call today for your free consultation or make an appointment at your convenience on our website:
October only specials!

Don't forget to check our Groupon Offers!

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